Northern Sky Theater’s mission is centered on the creation of new works. As a result, we are continually in need of writers and composers who understand our particular needs, especially regarding style, size, and complexity.

We present our summer season in an outdoor amphitheater in a state park, seating as many as 650 people. We generally do three shows in rep for about eleven weeks (mid-June through August).

We also have a fall season that plays indoors. Requirements for the various fall venues we play in differ, but in many ways adhere to the same guidelines presented below.

What we are looking for…

One-Act Original Musicals, Comedy, Drama, 90-minute length, and youth-friendly.


95% of our productions are musicals, although we are also open to “story theater” style pieces, which have been a part of our history since 1991. We are located in a resort area where families come to vacation. Entertainment value needs to be high, which usually means fairly light-hearted themes, though “uplifting” and “heart-felt” are also words that have been used to describe some of our shows as well. Shows need to have broad appeal. We advertise as a theatre appropriate for people of all ages, but we do not do children’s theater. Witty material that plays on multiple levels is always welcome.


Casts smaller than 8 or bands of less than 3 or 4 in general. We would relish having a few more musicals in our canon with two or three characters for ease of production and possibly touring.


We perform without an intermission in the summer and therefore keep our shows at 90 minutes. Because we perform outdoors, in rep, we require sets to be portable. They have to be put up and taken down every single performance. “Style defined by limitations” is a necessary mantra for all designers who work with us. It is important that writers get this aspect from the get-go and write with this in mind. These stringent requirements relax a bit for the fall show: a two-act musical is potentially possible, as is a more detailed permanent set.

What we are not looking for…

Plays, full-length, large cast/band, explicit themes or language.


If you think your show would appeal to us, first submit a synopsis (150 words or less) and production history (if any) into the body of your e-mail. Please also include size of cast, size of band and set/costume requirements.

Because of security concerns we do not open or respond to any e-mails that have attachments, so please be sure to put your submission letter in the body of your e-mail.

There is a list of the history of shows we’ve done on the Northern Sky Theater website as well as samples of songs. It is important to acquaint yourself with our material. Eventually, we like writers to visit us to experience exactly what we do in order to get a better understanding of how to tailor a musical to our needs. Commissioning is part of our ongoing strategy to attract and keep writers. A commission is generally only offered after a team has proven successful in creating an original Northern Sky musical, but exceptions may apply depending on other works already produced elsewhere.

Whom should I query…

E-mail queries can be sent to Artistic Director, Jeffrey Herbst, at and should include the word “submission” in the subject line.

We will respond to every e-query that properly follows the submission guidelines below.

How long will it take…

To answer your submission letter, up to six weeks. To read your whole script, a few months.

If your musical seems like a good possible fit we will then ask to read a script, listen to a music CD, or view any video. If we like the whole package, you will hear from us!

Thank you for your interest in writing for Norther Sky Theater.