Whether you’re a seasoned director or it’s your first time putting on a show, this guide will lead you through the licensing process with ease.

You’re ready to license a show!

Licensing is the process of acquiring the performance rights to a show. A license is legally required to produce a Northern Sky Musical, whether you’re a school group or a professional theater.

1. Find the show that’s right for you.

Browse through our available musicals by clicking here.

Why license a show?

  • It’s the only way to legally perform a copyrighted musical, and ensures your group does not violate the Federal Copyright Law.
  • A license provides you the full script, score and other materials necessary for putting on the show.

2. Create an account.

Before you can order a perusal or apply for a license, you will need to set up an official account with Northern Sky Licensing.  Follow the link to My Account.

3. Request a full show license.

You’ve picked the perfect show, you’ve created your account – now it’s time to request your license. It can take up to two weeks to process your request, so be sure to leave plenty of time. Click to get started on the request for your license online.

What is a perusal script?

If you can’t decide which show you’d like to license, consider ordering perusal scripts. We will send you full scripts to read and help you make your decision. Click here to request a perusal script.

4. Sign your license and pay any fees.

Northern Sky Licensing will send you a license that outlines your agreement up to two weeks after you submit your application. Sign the license and send it back to – and be sure to include any required licensing fees.

What am I paying for?

Northern Sky Licensing may request fees to cover artist royalties, material rentals and a deposit. NSL takes into account the size of your audience, ticket prices, and other information in determining your licensing fee. Because every situation is different, there is no set list of fees.

5. Explore your show materials.

Northern Sky Licensing will provide you with a PDF of the script and a piano vocal score.

Now it’s time to put on the show!

If you have any questions during the process, we encourage you to contact Ann Birnschein, who will be happy to help. Break a leg!